Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vanity Wagon


I like to call this my Mini Mouse dress

Just completely reminds me of that adorable over sized mouse

And the 1990's


Thrifted this dress for like 5 bux

Pretty sure it was less but I am not positive..

Stoner memory


I have the biggest sweet tooth

I literally eat at least a candy bar a day if not more

My old co-workers used to always tell me "It's gunna catch up with 

you one day"

Whateve's... when that day rolls around I'll quite..


So because it was so miserably hot yesterday

I decided to go with a bathing suit top instead of a bra

I find them WAY more comphy and less sweaty

This particular top I got from Victoria's Secret

Speaking of I SWEAR they have jumped on the vanity sizing wagon


I ordered a SMALL bikini from them just for the top (this one I am 


When I received said bikini I did not expect the small bottoms to 

fit, But guess what....


They swam on me, Looked like a poopy diaper... 

WTH Victoria's Secret?? I know I am not as small as Allesandria... 


Which makes me wonder if they make those bikini's that they model 

specifically for them?

Like specifically to fit the "angels" 

Thats false advertising right?  

Vintage Hat
Vintage Thrifted Polka Dot Dress
Victoria's Secret Bandeau Top
Jeffrey Campbell Lita's
Vintage Purse

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  1. the red poka dot dress looks really cute on you!