Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dog Diggity

So genius! And I'm so for the message, seriously pick up your dog poo people!! I do and so should you!! :)

Sorry I have been MIA lately, I've had a seriously lack of motivation...will be back soon

Friday, July 1, 2011

Headed over the hill

in a couple of hours for the weekend festivities

Here is a sample of what I am bringing...

ANNNNNd because I said I would show it..

This is my first attempt at a Body Harness.. Pretty dope eh??

Everyone have a glorious weekend, be safe, drink BEFORE driving not during duh..and don't be a fool, wrap your tools (that one's for the boys out there)

Until Monday



OO and a pic of my little patriotic baby girl

So cute

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Just a bit of things that inspire me during the summer and around the Fourth.










The fourth of July is definitely one of my favorite holidays besides halloween and New Years. I love any excuse to blow shit up. Expect plenty of firework pictures from this up coming weekend!! 

ALSOOOOO I will  finally be debuting my first chain harness I made tomorrow. I'm pretty proud, thinkin' it came out pretty cool.

untill then


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This skirt is a summer staple for me.
It's light weight and so comfy
and goes along with my maxi obsession

Usually don't wear flip flops. Not that I don't dig the ease of being able to slip them on

I find that they usually don't compliment my outfits like I am trying to obtain
But they do the job here

Side note: I'm extremely allergic to grass..hence the blanket

Like break out in hives and itch all over allergic
No bueno

Lulus crop button up
Thrifted Maxi skirt
Lucky Purse

As I explore the blogospere more, I'm finding more and more people who claim they run there own blog and don't. In reality them and like a team of people run that blog, or make that blog happen. I mean how do we even know it's their thoughts coming across these pages and not that of some publicist? While I find inspiration in everything, I do all this blogging on my own. All the photo's are compliments of my cameras self timer and my amazing timing and modeling (ok you can roll your eyes at that last part hehe )But my point is Im just trying to be true to myself and all of you who decide to give me the time of your day. I don't want to be anything but me, and that's who I want you guys to get to know. So thank you for appreciating someone who tries to be genuine and not what the masses wants. 

Please feel free to leave a comment if you want, I read them all and usually visit  your blogs. Thanks again so much for stopping by ;) xo

Monday, June 27, 2011

Screeching Heart

Apologies for the absence, Life hit me like a mac truck while I was stopped smelling the roses.

So my little nugget, Vita, tore a ligament in her ankle last week and it really knocked me on my ass. 

Total freak accident, our other pup Chopper, went to jump over her and his hind leg barely nicked her and she started screaming. 

OH MY GOD I effing freaked out, one of the most heart wrenching things I have ever had to go through. I don't know how the hell I'm going to do that with kids.

We immediately took her to the doggie hospital and $900 later she is better and in a cast. But no surgery...HORAY!!

She'll be better in about 2 months. Wish me luck  :)

I got this purse at the fair last weekend. I totally dig it, only 20bux. 

And my man bought me a tigers eye ring from some booth, one of the only cool booths worth looking at. Since when did a fair turn into a glorified swap meet?

DIY head chain
Topshop dress
Jeffrey Campbell Gypsy 
Fair bag

Heres my Nugget after she was done at the Dr's office... so sad

Love my little baby

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vanity Wagon


I like to call this my Mini Mouse dress

Just completely reminds me of that adorable over sized mouse

And the 1990's


Thrifted this dress for like 5 bux

Pretty sure it was less but I am not positive..

Stoner memory


I have the biggest sweet tooth

I literally eat at least a candy bar a day if not more

My old co-workers used to always tell me "It's gunna catch up with 

you one day"

Whateve's... when that day rolls around I'll quite..


So because it was so miserably hot yesterday

I decided to go with a bathing suit top instead of a bra

I find them WAY more comphy and less sweaty

This particular top I got from Victoria's Secret

Speaking of I SWEAR they have jumped on the vanity sizing wagon


I ordered a SMALL bikini from them just for the top (this one I am 


When I received said bikini I did not expect the small bottoms to 

fit, But guess what....


They swam on me, Looked like a poopy diaper... 

WTH Victoria's Secret?? I know I am not as small as Allesandria... 


Which makes me wonder if they make those bikini's that they model 

specifically for them?

Like specifically to fit the "angels" 

Thats false advertising right?  

Vintage Hat
Vintage Thrifted Polka Dot Dress
Victoria's Secret Bandeau Top
Jeffrey Campbell Lita's
Vintage Purse

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Loop T Loop

Why hello there summer...

Glad you finally decided to grace us with your presence


Shit I just got chocolate on my shirt.. 

And it's melted already so this isn't going to turn out well...


So usually I don't really dig the clothes my Mother buys me.

I will make her send me a picture before she spends the money.


But I am starting to think she is like WAY ahead of the style 



She bought me both this purse and top years ago 


I'm just now starting to wear them.  



Guess I should have known better, most style generations are just 

on a loop with modern variations. 

Vintage Strapless Top
AA Jeans
Aldo Wedges
Vintage Purse

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Government Hooker

Duh Da nah Naaaaa....



I finally got the DIY crap done. 

First the Slave bracelet... 

Second the head Chain..

Fuck yeah go me!!


Next the body harness...

That will by far be more difficult but I'm excited


Took the Viking in to get serviced..

Hopefully nothing needs to be replaced...


Vest I stole from my Mother closet Years ago
Lulu's Chiffon Dress
JC Lita's
Lucky Brand Purse
DIY Head Chain and Slave Bracelet... :)

So maybe this is old news but I'm pretty much obsessed with Gaga's new album. Judas isn't my favorite but there are definitely some groove worthy tracks on this album. For example Government hooker and Bloody Mary... Yeah you know I was rocking out to those this Am while blow drying my hair. Quietly though... Wouldn't  want to wake the beast... lol.

Oddly enough I heard the album through my hippie Boss. Not your typical Gaga monster but I guess thats the beauty of her, she embraces that you were "born this way" bahahah sorry couldn't resist the pun....