Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This skirt is a summer staple for me.
It's light weight and so comfy
and goes along with my maxi obsession

Usually don't wear flip flops. Not that I don't dig the ease of being able to slip them on

I find that they usually don't compliment my outfits like I am trying to obtain
But they do the job here

Side note: I'm extremely allergic to grass..hence the blanket

Like break out in hives and itch all over allergic
No bueno

Lulus crop button up
Thrifted Maxi skirt
Lucky Purse

As I explore the blogospere more, I'm finding more and more people who claim they run there own blog and don't. In reality them and like a team of people run that blog, or make that blog happen. I mean how do we even know it's their thoughts coming across these pages and not that of some publicist? While I find inspiration in everything, I do all this blogging on my own. All the photo's are compliments of my cameras self timer and my amazing timing and modeling (ok you can roll your eyes at that last part hehe )But my point is Im just trying to be true to myself and all of you who decide to give me the time of your day. I don't want to be anything but me, and that's who I want you guys to get to know. So thank you for appreciating someone who tries to be genuine and not what the masses wants. 

Please feel free to leave a comment if you want, I read them all and usually visit  your blogs. Thanks again so much for stopping by ;) xo

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