Friday, June 10, 2011

Glass Cutters


Yes oh yes I'm definitely feeling the maxi's right now

it's like how could one not?

You get the girly look of a skirt with out having to shave



I'm pretty excited to start my DIY'rs...

I've started the Head wreath already but doubt it will get done 


I'm going to meet my friend Telly for a drink

We haven't hung out in like forever it feels like

She recently had a kid, I recently moved in with the boy...

Crazy how much life changes when we get a bit older

all I can say is make an effort to keep the good friends around

it's WAY to easy to loose touch



Bought this dress a while ago but it's been so frigid outside that

today was the first day I felt it appropriate to wear a sheer

maxi with only bathing suit bottoms underneath

OK so since my tata's are like non existent (totally ok with that 


I'm lucky enough to not have to wear a bra ALL the time

Like in this case

But I usually wear two bandaids over the nips to prevent Glass 


Does anyone out there make like NUDE or BLACK pasties? to 

specifically wear under shit like this?


Untill I find those guess the bandaid will have to do

Ray Ban Sunnies
American Apparel Backless Maxi
Aldo Wedges
Thrifted Coach Bag($10)


  1. I like the maxi dress, I am totally obsessed with maxi dresses and skirts right now.

    There are a lot of websites that sell nipple pasties, one of them is

    I am sure you can browse ebay and find tons there, ebay is great that way :)

  2. i pretty much love you. and im apart of the itty bitty titty committee too, high 5! and yes girl, there are pasties that are sold in victorias secret but its probably like too overpriced. there are also some for sale at some small asian shop a few mins away from my house. i need some myself :) i super duper love this dress and your photos are amazing. you look beautiful <3 hello new friend

    xo, jamie

  3. Awesome look! LOVE the back!!!