Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue...Oh so lonesome for you


WTH man, I went ALL winter without getting sick

Then Friday rolls around and I'm BAM hit with a spring COLD



I think I still managed to pull these shots off, spite feeling

like ass.


My camera fell after this shot. Stupid wind..


But it still works!! YAY no harm no foul.. I'll let it slide

this time wind!! 


This is kind of an unusual outfir for me as you will come to see

I don't wear a lot of color with color... ever

American Apparel Sheer Jersey Chemise
Thrifted Chambray Button up
American Apparel Double Layered Chiffon Skirt
Aldo Wedges
Vintage Fossil Bag

Catching up with Telly was so much fun Friday night. We ended up going to T.G.I.Fridays for appetizers and drinks. I had two glasses of Pinot Grigio..I highly recommend if you like wine but not reds and like a lil sweet but not TOO much sweet. OH SO PERFECT! while Telly had two Raspberry Lemon Drops. Our bartender was on one though. Seriously the guy looked like he was high on Meth... Want to know what that looks like? Watch Dog the bounty hunter...All the crooks on there are always spun out. Nasty. Anywho he was Creeepy, I couldn't even make eye contact without laughing. Heres to a better week, feeling a little less tired and snotty...yummm

OH yeah I almost forgot, I actually got some DIY stuff done this weekend while I was wallowing in my self pity of feeling like CRAP. Can't wait to show you... Manana  :)

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